Is Divorce Without Lawyers A Good Idea?

Divorcing without lawyers is a bit like changing your own oil. You might be able to fumble through the process, but you ultimately end up dirty and exhausted, and you are unsure of whether you actually did it right. And, if you didn’t, your engine will be ruined. The savings, if any, are never worth it.

Divorce is complicated, even for simple cases.

A do-it-yourself divorce may seem quick and easy, however, it is quite the opposite.

Parties trying to go through the divorce process themselves often make mistakes that require corrective legal assistance down the road, thereby delaying the divorce process and incurring more fees. Frequently, it’s not even possible to correct mistakes. Legal errors can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars. The divorce and tax laws are riddled with traps for the unwary.

Everyone hears divorce horror stories from their mother, friend, or hairdresser who has been through the process and thinks they know it all. Those horror stories may make you want to try a do-it-yourself approach to avoid endless lawyers’ fees or the drama of a traditional divorce. Keep in mind no two divorces are the same, so take all this chatter with a grain of salt. A do-it-yourself approach is messy.

If you or your spouse are seeking this option to avoid a traditional litigated divorce, consider divorce mediation instead.

Mediation is a great cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation for couples who want to divorce amicably. A neutral, third party, selected by you and your spouse, will guide you through a few sessions with the goal of ultimately reaching an agreement regarding property division, custody, and support. Mediation simplifies and streamlines the process, making divorce as painless as possible

When you and your spouse are ready to attend mediation, the expert divorce professionals of SnapDivorce® can guide you through the process and provide a clear roadmap to a fair resolution of your case.

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