How You Can Have An Amicable Divorce in Pennsylvania

Divorce is messy. Emotions run wild and the process is confusing and complicated.

If you and your spouse want to avoid the traditional expensive, high stress litigated divorce, divorce mediation is a great option for you.

In a traditional divorce, each spouse obtains a separate attorney who will argue and negotiate on behalf of their client. The process often becomes emotionally charged and drawn out as each side and the lawyers battles to “win.” Common sense is often a casualty of the process.

In comparison, divorce mediation allows couples to simplify the divorce process, minimize the associated pain, and divorce amicably.

Divorce mediation usually involves 1-4 mediation sessions during which you and your spouse discuss all the issues surrounding your divorce, including property division, custody and support with the help and guidance of a divorce mediator. The goal of mediation is for you and your spouse to reach an agreement that is clear, comprehensive, fair and workable. The right mediator can facilitate that by providing you with information and guidance in structured discussions relating to all issues associated in your divorce case. Occasionally, a couple that is divorcing amicably won’t even need any mediation sessions, because they have already discussed and come to an agreement on all of the issue in their divorce. You can learn more about what to expect during divorce mediation here.

Money is often a stress trigger for couples going through divorce.

Mediation can alleviate some of this stress of divorce by reducing the court costs and attorneys’ fees associated the traditional divorce process.

The mediation process only requires a few sessions, thereby saving you and your spouse the thousands of dollars typically spent in a traditional divorce. Less stress leads to a more amicable divorce.

After a couple reaches an agreement, the divorce mediator drafts a written agreement (a marital settlement agreement) to memorialize the terms.

The drafting of the marital settlement agreement critical step that requires training and skill. The mediator needs to draft the agreement carefully to avoid financial and legal pitfalls. We have seen many poorly drafted agreements by other mediation firms end up in litigation, which is something you definitely do not want to happen to you.

The divorce process involves complex jurisdiction-specific rules and unwritten customs. An experienced, knowledgeable mediator is necessary to properly guide you through this process. At Snap Divorce, our mediators are trained, local expert divorce lawyers with actual family law experience. We can help you and your spouse divorce smoothly and amicably. Contact us for a free consultation when you are ready to explore mediation as an option to resolve your divorce.

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