How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost in Pennsylvania?

The average cost of divorce mediation in Pennsylvania is between $5,000 – $8,000. That amount would include from 1-4 mediation sessions, the preparation of a marital settlement agreement, and the cost to prepare and file the paperwork for a divorce. (more…)

Divorce Mediation Tips: 7 Myths About Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is an excellent way to save time money and still achieve a fair result in your divorce. Divorce mediation has the additional benefit of significantly reducing conflict and stress during the process.

If you are considering divorce mediation as a way to resolve your divorce, you should be aware (more…)

How Alimony Is Calculated In Pennsylvania

If you are going through a divorce, one of the things you are probably most concerned about is how Alimony is calculated in Pennsylvania. In this week’s Divorce Academy video, Kevin explains the basics of how spousal support, alimony pendente lite (APL) and alimony are calculated (more…)

Can I Get Back Money My Parents Gave Me to Buy a House in My Divorce?

Whether you can get money back in a divorce that was gifted to you depends on several factors. First, you need to determine if the money was a gift to both of you or if the money was a gift to you alone.
If the money was gifted to both of you (more…)

This Woman’s Open Letter About Her Divorce is Heartbreaking and Frightening

I have an image in my mind of the presiding judge’s expression during my divorce trial that I cannot shake. A mix of disdain and impatience that, to this day, is disturbing to the point of shock. (more…)

Who Can Live In The House During A Divorce?

Either spouse has the right to live in the marital residence during a divorce unless there is a court order that specifies otherwise.
You’ve filed or plan to file for divorce. Now you’re wondering, should I stay, or should I go? (more…)

The Ultimate Divorce Mediation Checklist: 35 Must-Know Steps

Keeping track of all of the steps necessary in the divorce process can be stressful and even intimidating. If you follow the list below you’ll be sure to be well informed and prepared.


What Happens To Your House In Divorce?

In a divorce, the house is either sold and the net proceeds are distributed between the parties, or one of the parties buys out the other party’s interest in the house through the asset distribution, by cash, or some combination of the two.


Divorce Mediators Near Me In Bucks County PA

If you live in Bucks County, PA and are looking for divorce mediators near you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the local divorce mediators in Bucks County for you. We encourage you to check out each of their websites. We feel confident that once you have investigated your options, you and your spouse will choose SnapDivorce® to resolve your divorce, as we offer the most experienced attorney-mediators, reasonable flat fees, and full professional service from start to finish.


How the Divorce Mediation Process Works in Bucks County, PA

If you are considering trying to resolve your divorce through divorce mediation in Bucks County, PA, this article explains how the process works step-by-step.