Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Mediation

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a non-adversarial alternative to courtroom litigation that allows couples to make their own decisions and reach their own agreements based upon their individual circumstances.  In divorce mediation, couples meet privately (more…)

How Collaborative Law Works in Divorce

Divorcing amicably or “collaboratively” is the smart way to divorce.  It will likely save you and your spouse significant amounts of time, money and stress.

There are two main ways to divorce collaboratively: through divorce mediation and through what lawyers refer to as “collaborative divorce.”  While you probably equate “collaborative” with “amicable,” in the legal world, collaborative divorce specifically refers to a  very unusual way to hire divorce lawyers to represent you and your spouse in your negotiation, which is explain in detail below. (more…)

How Does Joint Custody Work After Divorce?

Divorce can be scary for children. It can be equally frightening for parents who don’t know how custody arrangements work after divorce. While life as a single parent may have its challenges, post-divorce parenting can be far less daunting when you know what to expect in terms of legal decision-making, scheduling, child exchanges, and resolving conflicts in a custody setting. (more…)

6 Things You Need to Know About Divorce in Pennsylvania

The fighting. The cheating. The slow drift apart. For many couples, there comes a point in marriage where “I do” becomes “I don’t want to anymore.” Before you rush to the courthouse to get a divorce decree, consider these 6 realities of getting divorced in Pennsylvania. (more…)